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Cooking or rather healthy cooking not only enriches the body but it is also the key to enriching the soul. The key lies in how the food is cooked and the process of cooking.

Tips for Healthy Cooking

Increase Your Awareness about the Food You Eat

Cooking undoubtedly helps us to have a better knowledge of the ingredients, their nutritional value, and their processing. It also teaches us the method of preparation, the requirements of a balanced diet and healthy cooking. For example- air-frying instead of deep-frying, boiled food over fried or sauteed.

Get Creative with the Food Combinations

Cooking is a creative field, you can experiment with it in different ways. Try different combinations of ingredients and learn new ways to cook. This way, you won’t get bored with the same boring meals. Adding new flavours and new healthy cooking ideas will only make it interesting. The creative side of our mind and soul is always happy when we are actively involved in cooking.

Become Innovative in Trying New Ingredients

The best part about healthy cooking is that it is like art. You can make innovative discoveries using ingredients. Play with the ingredients as you play with colours. Use healthy ingredients like Unpolished dals, healthy flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, multigrain atta etc and bring out your inner chef!

Make Conscious Choices by Eating Only Healthy Food

Its just a myth that healthy food is boring. If you really get into it, you’ll realise how interesting it can actually be. There is a plethora of ingredients you can add in your healthy food. By choosing to eat only healthy food, you’ll be doing the best thing for your mind, body and soul. Moreover, healthy cooking saves time too.

For example, an athlete and an office worker will have different kinds of requirements. Similarly, a child and a person in his 50’s or 60’s will have different requirements. Healthy cooking helps us become more mindful about the requirements of each individual. It helps us become more considerate and thoughtful of the food we are putting in and the effects it will have. Healthy choices can have a more healthy impact on the body and the soul.

Outcomes of Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating is Cost-Effective

When one is cooking for oneself, one is much more aware about the usage and wastage of ingredients. So, even if you leave out some raw material while cooking something, you can always use the left overs in your next meal. And hence it is very cost effective.

It Connects Us to Ourselves

Cooking is an act of self-love and it helps us to release stress, and brings us joy. It helps us be more observant of ourselves and uplifts our mood. Healthy cooking also helps us to get a feeling of comfort and nostalgia. For example, making the same Aam-ras that your grandmother used to make, brings back the sweet memories of your childhood and uplifts your mood.

It Improves Social Connections

Humans not only need food but they also require social connections to feel happy. Cooking helps us to build new friends by sharing our food, or complimenting someone on their dish. Who knows sharing cooking tips with someone unknown could be the starting of a lifelong friendship?

Exchanging new ideas and recipes and sharing cooked dishes, increases the sentiment of togetherness and a feeling of friendliness. Also, cooking increases bonding with other people, which in turn makes the mind and soul feel more happy and fulfilled.

Healthy cooking thus, not only helps the body but also helps the mind and the body to be more fulfilled, calm, happy and peaceful.

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