Tasty Pasta Chilla Recipe - Made with Nourish Pasta

The Pasta! Yummy, tasty and healthy, it’s a recipe that can be put together in no time. Watch the complete video. We’d also like to thank Bhukkad Chef Anupama Sharma for this and also suggest you like,share and subscribe to our handle for some amazingly delicious content.


1. One Roughly chopped onion
2. One Tomatoes chopped
3. One Capsicum chopped
4. 1 cup green peas
5. Grated carrot
6. Malai
7. Ketchup
8. Besan 1 cup
9. Pasta boiled 1 cup
10. Chilli flakes
11. Salt
12. Sooji 1 cup


1. Boil the pasta in water. Adding some salt and oil.
2. In a pan add some mustard oil, add the vegetables and sauté.
3. Add some ketchup as well and cook well. Now add the boiled pasta.And mix
4. Take some boiled moong dal and grind into fine paste. Now add some chana besan to the mix
5. Also add some sooji to help add crispiness.
6. Now make a thin dosa out of this batter. Add the cooked pasta in the center.
7. And roll. Enjoy your healthy chilla pasta roll.


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