Sooji Halwa Recipe - Made with Nourish Sooji

We all love the sooji ka halwa, but April calls for something even more rich and so as part of the #FitBhukkad​ season we’re taking the beloved sooji ka halwa a notch higher with #MalaiSoojiHalwa​.

You’ll need:

1. 1 bowl sooji
2. 1 spoon besan
3. 1 bowl sugar
4. Few cashews,almonds,pistachio
5. 2-3 spoons coconut powder
6. 1 -2 strands kesar
7. 1-2 elaichi
8. 1 cup fresh malai
9. 2 spoonful ghee


1. In a pan add water, sugar and kesar strands and cook
2. In another pan add ghee and roast the sooji. Next add sugar syrup prepared and then mix with malai. Add some mewa, coconut powder and mix well.
3. Stir continuously and make it thick.
4. In a serving bowl, take this out and then add the dry fruits as garnish along with coconut powder.