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    Nourish Unpolished Arhar Dal

    A staple in Indian kitchens, Nourish Arhar dal makes for a tasty accompaniment with rice and has some amazing health benefits too. It is rich in protein and folic acid which is important for a healthy body and is used in many dishes across India.

    ✓ The richness of fiber and protein to keep hunger pangs at bay
    ✓ Rich in fiber
    ✓ Rich in protein
    ✓ Keeps you full for longer

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    Nourish Roasted Dalia

    Dalia is a rich source of proteins and if you are one of those who are looking to gain muscle mass, include dalia in your diet. It is loaded with essential vitamins. Eat a bowl of dalia and increase your protein intake.

    ✓ Great as your baby’s first solid and for you.
    ✓ Loaded with fiber
    ✓ Helps prevent constipation
    ✓ Helps build muscle mass

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    Nourish Premium Basmati Rice

    Basmati rice is one of the most treasured grains and aging in rice is essential, as it enriches the features of rice by reducing the moisture content, increasing aroma, and yields longer grain length. Aged rice cooks out beautifully with a more aromatic scent and gives a good bite when relished. The texture is lighter and fluffier. No wonder aged basmati rice is highly prized and relished.

    ✓ Goodness in every grain
    ✓ Low in fat
    ✓ Gluten-free
    ✓ High Caloric Value

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    Nourish Unpolished Moong Dal Dhuli

    Nourish Moong dal dhuli is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after ingredients used in the Indian kitchen. May it be in the form of curry or even the salted snack that we munch on at tea-time or any given point of the day, moong dal is exceptionally tasty.

    ✓ Naturally healthy dals with goodness in every grain
    ✓ Easily digestible
    ✓ Good source of iron
    ✓ Good for heart health

  • Nourish Sunflower Oil
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    Nourish Sunflower Oil

    Sunflower Oil is made in such a way that the essential oils from the sunflower seeds are preserved in the final product, ensuring a first-grade quality. Sunflower oil is a non-volatile oil pressed from the seeds of the sunflower. Sunflower oil has a large number of benefits that help in keeping the body healthy and strong. The oil is of light amber colour with a mild and pleasant flavour. It is gaining popularity as cooking oil due to its wide variety of health-enhancing nutrients. The health benefits of using sunflower oil are such that it helps in providing cardiovascular benefits and boosts energy.

    ✓ The hearth and brain healthy oil
    ✓ Improves digestion
    ✓ Good for skin
    ✓ Rich in mono unsaturated (good)fats

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    Nourish Multi Grain Atta

    Made with the choicest grains which provide you wholesome nutrition

    A blend of 6 natural grains – and sourced from fields across the country, our atta is high in fiber which aids in digestion and ensures a healthy gut. It is also rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals to ensure you stay fit and active always.

    ✓ Give your rotis the power of 6 grains in one
    ✓ 6 Healthy Grains- Mention the 6 grains and their benefits
    ✓ Vitamins & Minerals Rich
    ✓ Soft & Fluffy Rotis

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    Nourish Unpolished Chana Dal

    Chickpeas or Chana Dal are sometimes known as garbanzo beans. They are featured extensively in the Mediterranean diet and Middle Eastern food. They are a good source of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber.

    ✓ Fiber rich
    ✓ High levels of protein
    ✓ No trans fat
    ✓ Taste goodness and wholesome nutrition

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    Nourish Unpolished Desi Chana

    Nourish Desi Chana has much higher fiber content and lower Glycemic Index. Nourish Desi Chana can be used in a variety of Indian dishes like falafels, hummus, curries as well as salads, soups, and even in the quick snack. The seeds are excellent sources of protein.

    ✓ Moments of delight in every meal
    ✓ Rich in protein
    ✓ Loaded with iron

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    Nourish Unpolished Moong Sabut Dal

    Nourish Moong dal is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after ingredients used in the Indian kitchen. May it be in the form of curry or even the salted snack that we munch on at tea-time or any given point of the day, moong dal is exceptionally tasty.

    ✓ Protein-packed, lower carb super grain
    ✓ High in fiber
    ✓ Rich in potassium
    ✓ Rich in antioxidants

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    Nourish Unpolished Malka Sabut Dal

    Nourish Malka Sabut Dal is a daily brown Dal or lentil. From outside this dal might look brown but once it is cooked or split, it comes out as an orange colour. And a minimum number of ingredients are required to make this Dal at home whenever you wish to change the taste of your mouth.

    ✓ For a wholesome meal
    ✓ Good source of Iron
    ✓ High protien content
    ✓ Rich in minerals

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    Nourish Unpolished Masoor Malka Dal

    Nourish Masoor dal, which is also known as red lentils, is power-packed with nutrients and has immeasurable benefits. The benefits of masoor dal had been recognised in the centuries past and thus it has constituted as an important part of Indian cuisine. It has various positive impacts on one’s health and body. When it comes to its preparation, it’s quite easy-to-made and is also found to be the most delicious among all the lentils, owing to its tinge of sweetness.

    ✓ Ensure highest quantity of vitamin B1 with this one
    ✓ Rich in zinc and copper
    ✓ Rich in antioxidants

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    Nourish Unpolished Lobia 500 Gms

    Nourish Lobia or Cowpeas are a type of legumes used for making Dal, salads and even soups. They are one of the widely cultivated annual crops in India. Cowpea in Hindi is called “Lobia”. It is also called “Bobbarlu” in Telugu, “Karamani” in Tamil, “Chavli” in Marathi and “Alasande” in Kannada. Lobia seeds are amazing sources of protein, vitamins and minerals, making them one of the most economical superfoods.

    ✓ Good in soups, salads and even as a main dish
    ✓ Rich in Vitamin A
    ✓ Helps boost immunity

    ✓ Gut friendly

    SKU: NOU-DAL-LOB-001
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    Nourish Unpolished Urad Dhuli Dal

    Nourish Urad Dhuli Dal is a great option for a light and authentic, homemade lunch. It is primarily composed of lentils, making it a naturally satiating and high in protein dish. It makes a great lunchtime meal due to its low preparation time. You can cook and eat it in less than an hour.

    ✓ Add richness of taste and health in every meal
    ✓ Helps improve bone mineral density
    ✓ Boosts metabolism
    ✓ Rich in iron and potassium

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    Nourish Unpolished Urad Chilka Dal

    Nourish Urad Chilka Dal, also known as Split Black Gram, is one of the famous lentils used in the southern part of Asia, especially in Indian cuisine. Rich in protein, fat and carbohydrates, urad dal is brimming with many health benefits. Urad dal is very nutritious and is also used in ayurvedic medicines. The ayurvedic term for urad dal is ‘masha.’

    ✓ Give yourself the protein power
    ✓ Excellent source of fiber
    ✓ Rich in antioxidants
    ✓ Beneficial for the digestive system

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    Nourish Unpolished Rajma Sharmili

    Red kidney beans are nutritious as they contain lots of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. It is used in the preparation of a variety of traditional dishes. Kidney bean is regarded as a healthy component of a well-balanced diet. They are available in a variety of variants, such as red, black, white, spotted, mottled and striped. The texture, flavour and taste of kidney beans are great and possess potassium, magnesium and iron content.

    ✓ A mild, sweet flavor that works well in salads, soups, main dishes and appetizers
    ✓ Rich in folate
    ✓ Rich in manganese
    ✓ Good source of potassium

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    Nourish Unpolished Urad Sabut Dal

    Black gram or vigna mungo beans are small, black, dry beans. The beans, popularly known as urad, are the fruit pods of a plant originally from India.

    ✓ Add the richness of taste and health in every meal
    ✓ Boosts metabolism
    ✓ Helps decrease oxidative stress
    ✓ Helps boost heart health

  • Nourish Phool Makhana

    Nourish Phool Makhana 50 gm

    Makhana also known as lotus seeds are obtained from of Indian Lotus plant and is often used in quite a few Indian sweets and savouries like kheer, raita or makhana curry. It can also be roasted and enjoyed as an evening tea-time snack

    ✓ Low in cholesterol
    ✓ Improves heart health
    ✓ Helps regulate sugar levels

  • Nourish Dal Chini

    Nourish Dal Chini 50 Gms

    Dal Chini or Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. It has been used in traditional medicine around the world for thousands of years and is also popularly used in Indian recipes.

    ✓ Anti Inflammatory
    ✓ Lowers blood sugar levels
    ✓ Relieves digestive discomfort

  • Nourish Barik Saunf

    Nourish Barik Saunf 100 Gms

    Barik Saunf or small fennel seed is a highly aromatic and flavorful herb with culinary and medicinal uses.

    ✓ Rich in dietary fibres
    ✓ Helps boost metabolism
    ✓ Good for digestion

  • Nourish Moong Dal Mangodi 200 gm

    Nourish Moong Dal Mangodi 200 Gms

    Nourish Moong Dal Mangodi is a pakoda or wadi like snack made with a batter of soaked and spiced moong dal. The batter is piped out as small pieces, sun-dried and preserved in containers. On Cold Winter days in dessert regions like Rajasthan when fresh veggies might not be available, these tasty and nutrient-packed mangodis are deep-fried and added to dishes like dals, pulaos and even sabzis. Mangodis are not only super handy but also super tasty!

    ✓ Excellent source of fiber
    ✓ Rich in iron and calcium
    ✓ Protein-rich addition to your dals
    ✓ Helps combat free radicals

    SKU: NOU-RTC-MMD-001

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