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  • Nourish Tea Front Label

    Nourish Tea – 250 Gms

    Sip into a nice cuppa tea with Nourish Tea. Handpicked from the best tea estates across Assam and Darjeeling, now relish the exquisite taste and strong flavor of Nourish tea each day.

    Nourish Tea uses only premium quality tea leaves and is crafted under strict regulations to make sure you only get the best of taste and aroma.

    • Blend of Assam & Darjeeling Leaves
    • Strong Taste
    • Rich Aroma
  • nourish sugar

    Nourish Sugar – 1 Kg

    An everyday product used in tea, coffee, milk and other beverages, Nourish Sugar is Sulphur-less sugar that’s untouched by hand and free from impurities. Made from natural sources, it’s easy to dissolve and has sparkling – fine sugar crystals. Processed and packed as per industry standards.

    • Sulphur Free
    • Double refining process
    • No chemicals for refining
    Untouched by hand and hygienically processed, Nourish Sugar is an ideal sweetener for cold beverages, breakfast cereals, juices, snacks, cakes and much more.

     Immediate burst of energy

     Mood Booster

     Makes mind alert

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    Nourish Monthly Essentials

    Introducing the Nourish Monthly Essentials Combo Package – a complete pantry solution for your kitchen! Packed with top-quality daily essential groceries, our Nourish combo includes: Arhar dal (1kg), Kabuli Chana(500gm), Moong dal dhuli(500gm), Chana Dal (1kg), Rajma laal(1kg), Desi Chana (1kg), Classic basmati rice(1kg), desi ghee(200ml), bail kolhu oil(2 ltr), atta chakki fresh(5kg), besan(200gm), sooji (500gm), maida (500gm), macaroni (450gm), jeera(100gm), rai(100gm), sabut dhania(100gm), tej patta(50gm), tea(250gm), sugar(1kg).

    With Nourish, you can trust that you’re getting the best quality products for your family’s health and well-being. Each ingredient of every Nourish product is carefully selected and sourced to provide you with wholesome and nutritious options for your daily meals. Whether you’re cooking up a delicious dal and rotis, making wholesome lentil curries, or preparing a nutritious bowl of rice, this combo has everything you need.

    Nourish Monthly Essential Combo Benefits

    • Great Taste
    • Help reduce weight
    • Packed with protein
    • High fibre content
    • Help lower blood pressure
    • Boost metabolism
    • Improve immunity
    • Good for eyes
    • Low glycaemic index
    • Strengthen the bones
    • Good for brain health
    • Rich in antioxidants
    • Ideal for cooking
    • Long shelf life

    Detailed Description

    Elevate your cooking experience with the Nourish Monthly Essentials Combo Package – a treasure trove of premium pantry staples! As an online grocery brand dedicated to quality, we’ve carefully curated this bundle to provide you with the best-quality grocery products for your kitchen.

    Introducing our great bundle of 20 high-quality products hand-picked to meet your daily needs! Arhar dal (1kg), Kabuli Chana(500gm), Moong dal dhuli(500gm), Chana Dal (1kg), Rajma laal(1kg), Desi Chana (1kg), Classic basmati rice(1kg), desi ghee(200ml), bail kolhu oil(2 ltr), atta chakki fresh(5kg), besan(200gm), sooji (500gm), maida (500gm), macaroni (450gm), jeera(100gm), rai(100gm), sabut dhania(100gm), tej patta(50gm), tea(250gm), sugar(1kg). are included in our combination.

    Our package is ideal for families that wish to stock their pantry with all of the necessities without spending a fortune. We recognize how vital it is to have access to fresh, healthy, and delicious food, that is why we focus much on improving the quality of nourish products to provide you the maximum benefits with all nutritional value.

    Inside this remarkable combo, you’ll find an abundance of essential grocery items to elevate your cooking to new heights. Nourish 1kg of Arhar dal is a terrific addition to any Indian lunch & dinner because it is loaded with proteins, fibre,carbs, and other vital nutrients and simple to prepare.

    But that’s not all! Our Nourish Monthly Essentials Combo Package also includes 500gm of Kabuli Chana, the versatile and protein-packed chickpeas that are perfect for making Chana Masala, Hummus, Chana Chaat, Chana Pulao, and Chana Salad or even roasted as a crispy snack. Also For chole, salads, or as a snack, the Kabuli Chana (500gm) is ideal.

    For lentil lovers, we’ve included 500gm of Moong Dal Dhuli, the delicate and protein-rich lentils that are perfect for making flavourful Moong Dal or wholesome Khichdi. You’ll also receive 1kg of Chana Dal, the protein powerhouse that’s ideal for making lip-smacking Chana Dal Curry, Chana Dal Khichdi, Chana Dal Pakoras, Chana Dal Halwa, and many more recipes. The Chana Dal (1 kilogram) is excellent for preparing a range of Indian cuisines and is high in nutritional fiber.

    Moreover, this combo pack also contains the richness of Rajma Laal with 1kg of these iconic red kidney beans, perfect for making hearty Rajma Masala or nutritious bean salads. And for a touch of tradition, we’ve included 1kg of Desi Chana, the flavourful black chickpeas that are perfect for making spicy chana masala or healthy chaat. The Rajma laal (1 kg) is the ideal ingredient for producing a tasty Rajma curry and is a fantastic source of protein and fiber. The 1 kg of Desi Chana is great for preparing chana masala or as a snack because it is high in nutritional fiber.

    No Indian meal is complete without fragrant Basmati Rice, and our combo includes 1kg of Classic Basmati Rice – the long-grain rice that’s known for its aromatic flavour and fluffy texture. It’s perfect for making biryanis, and pulaos, or simply serving as a side dish to your favourite curries.

    To add a touch of indulgence to your dishes, we’ve included 200ml of pure Desi Ghee, made from premium cow’s milk. Nourish Desi Ghee is carefully crafted to provide you with an authentic taste and aroma that’s reminiscent of traditional Indian cooking. Nourish desi ghee (200ml) is ideal for giving your dish a deep flavor, and it is manufactured with ancient techniques to guarantee the highest quality ghee.

    For health-conscious folks, Nourish monthly essential combo also includes 2 litres of Bail Kolhu Mustard Oil – the cold-pressed, nutrient-rich oil that is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. And, it’s natural flavour and aroma can enhance the taste of your meals. And to complete your kitchen’s primary requirement, we’ve included 5kg of Chakki Fresh Atta, made from only premium quality wheat and produced using the traditional chakki process to retain all its richness and natural flavour. It’s perfect for making fluffy rotis, delicious parathas, or wholesome puris. 

    The besan (200gm), sooji (500gm), and maida (500gm) are essential items that you can use to make a variety of snacks, sweets or savory dishes. The macaroni (450gm) is perfect for making pasta, salads, or as a side dish. Nourish jeera (100gm), rai (100gm), sabut dhania (100gm), and tej patta (50gm) are high-quality spices that are perfect for adding flavor and aroma to your food. The tea (250gm) is a premium quality tea that is perfect for your morning cup of tea, or for entertaining guests. The sugar (1kg) is a must-have item in any pantry, and it is perfect for making desserts, tea or coffee.

    Our combo is perfect for anyone who wants to have access to all the essential items in their pantry without breaking the bank. Our products are of the highest quality, and we guarantee that you will love them. Order now and experience the convenience of having all your daily essentials delivered to your doorstep!

    At Nourish, we believe that great meals start with great ingredients, and our product combo package is a testament to that. Carefully selected, sourced, and packed, each product in this combo is of the highest quality to ensure that you and your family enjoy wholesome and delicious meals every day. 

    Find out Nutrional value of each combo product on their particular product pages.

    Arhar dal , Kabuli Chana, Moong dal dhuli, Chana Dal , Rajma laal, Desi Chana, Classic basmati rice, desi ghee, bail kolhu oil, atta chakki fresh, besan, sooji, maida , macaroni , jeera, rai, sabut dhania, tej patta, tea, sugar 

    Disclaimer :-

    Please note that the product description and content provided on this page are for informational purposes only. While we have made every effort to ensure that the images and visual representations are accurate, we cannot guarantee that the product will be exactly as shown in the images. We recommend that you read the product description and content carefully before making a purchase. Please do not solely rely on the images and visual representation of the product, as they may not accurately depict the actual product. The product will be served as mentioned in the content, and we strive to ensure that the product meets the highest standards of quality. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and ensuring your satisfaction with our products. Thank you for choosing our product, and we hope you enjoy it!

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Buy Online Tea, Sugar at Best Price in India

Start your day with our handpicked collection of daily essentials groceries. Our Nourish tea is sourced from the best tea gardens and estates across Assam and Darjeeling and is meticulously prepared to ensure that every cup of tea is rich in taste and aroma.

Indian tea is typically made by boiling loose tea leaves or tea bags in water, along with a mixture of milk and sugar. The tea leaves used in India are often strong and robust, producing a rich, full-bodied flavor. Common types of tea consumed in India include black tea, Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, and masala chai.

Tea contains antioxidants and bioactive compounds that are believed to have positive effects on health.

And what’s tea without a little sweetness? That’s where Nourish Sugar comes in. Made from the finest quality sugarcane, our sugar is a natural and healthy way to add sweetness to your tea or coffee. It dissolves quickly and easily, making it perfect for all your cooking and baking needs.

Sugar is an integral ingredient in Indian tea, providing sweetness to balance the strong flavors of the tea leaves. It is typically added to the tea during the brewing process or added later according to personal preference. In many households, a significant amount of sugar is used to achieve a pronounced sweetness.

In addition, we also offer a complete pantry package to stock your kitchen with top-quality essential groceries. Our Nourish Monthly Essentials combo includes a variety of daily essentials grocery products, including Arhar Dal, Kabuli Chana, Moong Dal Dhuli, Chana Dal, Rajma Laal,
Desi Chana, Classic Basmati Rice, Desi Ghee, Bail Kolhu Oil, and more.

At Nourish, we believe that the little things matter, and that’s why we pay attention to every detail to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity. So whether you’re enjoying a cup of tea in the morning or adding sweetness to your recipes or want to stock up your kitchen with monthly.

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