Quick Snack Recipe Made with Nourish Kabuli Chana

Quick Snack Recipe - Made with Nourish Kabuli Chana

Sooji matlab sirf halwa kyon? This #FitBhukkad​ season we bring you some chatpate chole with #SoojiSquares​.
The recipe is as delicious and interesting as it sounds, and we can’t thank Bhukkad Chef Ritu Jaiswal enough for sharing this hatke recipe.

You’ll need:

• 1 ½ cup boiled Nourish Kabuli Chana
• 1 cup Nourish Sooji
• ½ cup curd
• ½ cup tamarind saunth chutney
• 1 cup boiled potatoes
• 1 teaspoon zeera powder
• 1 teaspoon Kala Namak powder
• 1 teaspoon garam masala powder
• 1 teaspoon amchor powder
• 1 teaspoon chaat masala powder
• 1 teaspoon red Kashmiri Mirch powder
• 1 teaspoon crushed ginger garlic
• 1 teaspoon grated ginger
• 1 tablespoon butter
• 1 tablespoon Nourish Sunflower Oil
• 2 tablespoon Nourish Vermicelli
• Nourish Papad
• 1 cup veggies chopped (capsicum ,carrot,onion,tomatoes,)
• Chopped green chillies
• Chopped coriander


1. Boil Nourish Kabuli Chana and chop all the veggies. Sauté them all and add all the spices according to taste .
2. Make a dough while soaking Nourish Sooji with curd and boil potatoes ,add all the seasoning and keep aside for 5to 10 min so that the granules if Sooji absorbs water ,
3. Cut each in equal parts and make balls. Now roll them and cut the edges.
4. Cut into squares and shallow fry them all.
5. Fry the papads for garnishing, you could fry some vermicelli as well.


🍭Take the Sooji squares and spread green chutney over it and stuff with chatpate Chana ,sprinkle Dahi, chutney ,seasoning and garnish them with vermicelli ,Papad and coriander leaves and with some pomegranate .
To make them more relish serve them with green mint chutney and chopped onions .Your tempting Chatpate Chana with Sooji squares are ready.

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