Nourish Multigrain Atta

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Nourish MultiGrain Atta is made from a blend of six natural grains collected from the best fields nationwide: 60% wheat and 40% other grains (barley, ragi, corn, chana, and soya bean). A good flavour, dense texture, and rich flavour distinguish multigrain atta.

The multigrain atta ingredients in Nourish’s product are carefully selected and blended to provide the ideal combination of taste, texture, and nutrition. The high fibre content of Nourish multigrain atta contributes to good digestion and lowers the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, among other advantages. The blend of grains in this atta is also rich in protein, which is vital for creating and repairing muscles and tissues in the body. From chapatis and breads to pancakes and muffins, the possibilities are endless with Nourish multigrain atta. 

Key Benefits

  • Give your rotis the power of 6 grains in one
  • 6 Healthy Grains- Mention the 6 grains and their benefits
  • Vitamins & Minerals Rich
  • Soft & Fluffy Rotis

Nutritional Value per 100 gm

Calories – 364.29 kcal
Total Fat – 1.77 g
Cholesterol – 0 mg
Sodium – 1.98 mg
Total Carbohydrate – 73.99 g
Dietary Fibres – 13.09 g
Sugar – 4.89 g
Protein – 13.10 g
Calcium – 34 mg
SFA – 0.28 g
MUFA – 0.47 g
PUFA – 1.02 g
Added Folic Acid – 7.80 mcg
Vitamin B12 – 0.097 mcg
Vitamin B1 – 0.13 mcg
Vitamin B2 – 0.12 mcg
Vitamin B3 – 1.28 mcg
Minerals – 0.98 g


  • You must store it in an airtight container.
  • If you use it occasionally, then store it in a fridge or a freezer.
  • Keep it away from moisture to avoid spoilage. 


  • As a flour rich in dietary fibre, it is a better substitute for making rotis and parathas. 
  • You can also make pancakes, muffins, healthy biscuits etc, using Nourish Multi Grain Atta. 
Nutrients: , ,

Based on 4 reviews

4.0 overall
(4 customer reviews)
  1. Sneha

    The goodness of 6 grains is a great mix in this multigrain pack.


  2. Kritika Gupta

    A good multigrain flour with other grains …you can actually feel the texture when you knead the dough..its so good

    Kritika Gupta

  3. Anshika Meen

    Soft dough and easy to digest rotis with this atta

    Anshika Meen

  4. Kajal Prasad

    Guys you must try this multigrain atta and this brand

    Kajal Prasad



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