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  • Nourish Pasta 200g

    Nourish Pasta

    What sounds better than pasta as an evening snack? Many people think pasta is an unhealthy meal, but it is a misconception. Pasta is only sometimes made using maida, there are different types of pastas. Nourish Pasta is made with 100% Sooji, which makes it a healthy option to add to your meals. It is a good source of energy and dietary fibre. 

    It is a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. So, if you’re interested in trying new cuisines, you can make a quick pasta in Mediterranean style. 

    Key Benefits

    • Protein and vital nutrients higher than regular Penne Pasta
    • Rich in fibre
    • Zero Cholesterol

    Nutritional value per 100 gm

    Energy – 355.40 Kcal
    Fat – 0.2 g
    Carbohydrates – 78.58 g
    Fibre – 2.3 g
    Protein – 10.3 g
    Sodium – 5.2 mg
    Cholesterol – 0 mg
    Potassium – 84.3 mg
    Iron – 1 mg
    Calcium – 29.7 mg
    Magnesium – 40.8 mg
    Potassium – 135.9 mg


    • Store dry, uncooked pasta in a cool, dry place like your pantry for up to one year. 
    • Preserve freshness by storing dry pasta in an air-tight box or container.


    • You can add boiled Nourish pasta to your vegetable stir fry and salad mix.
    • You can have it as an appetizer, side dish, or the main meal.

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