Paan Cone Recipe - Made with Nourish Almonds

Do you also enjoy some sweet paan after a nice meal? Here is a great alternative to your meetha paan, where white chocolate is mixed with traditional paan flavours to make a refreshing mouth freshener.

You’ll need:

1. 200 grams Whittaker white chocolate blocks
2. 2 large Betal leaves chopped
3. 1 bowl Gulkand
4. 1/4 bowl Coated silver Elaichi
5. 1/2 bowl Mouth freshener
6. as required Edible green powder colour
7. 8-9 drops Paan essence


1. In a bowl, add finely cut betal leaves. Add silver ilachi, mouth freshner and gulkand, and keep aside.
2. In a double boiler, put chopped white chocolate compound and keep stirring.
3. Once melted turn off the flame and add green color
4. Mix and temper the chocolate and let it cool
5. Now add this to the paan leaf and roll with adding gulkand.


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