Moong Dal Halwa Recipe - Made with Nourish Moong Dal

The #MoongDalHalwa​ a popular winter sweet, is quite commonly prepared during weddings and is a great alternative to gajar ka halwa. Watch this video for the complete recipe and don’t forget to like,share and subscribe to our channel for some amazingly delicious content.

You’ll need:

1. 240 grams Nourish Moong Dal
2. table spoon Sooji
3. Sugar 250 grams sugar
4. 2 cups milk
5. 200 grams desi ghee
6. Dalchini powder
7. Cashew chopped
8. almonds chopped
9. pistachio chopped
10. A glass of water
11. A pinch of kesar


1. Soak 1 cup moong dal (spilt husked yellow mung lentils) in enough water overnight of for 4 to 5 hours. I soaked the lentils overnight.
2. Drain and then grind the moong dal to a smooth paste with some water.
3. Melt 9 to 10 tbsp ghee (clarified butter).
4. Add the ground moong dal.
5. Stir well in a non stick kadhai
6. Keep on stirring the halwa on a low to medium flame. The halwa has the raw aroma of the moong lentils and it should go away completely before you start with the next step. So till then you have to stir and cook the halwa.
7. First the halwa is pasty, then starts getting lumpy and then starts breaking down and getting separated with fat releasing from the sides.
8. So while the halwa is cooking, in another pan or kadai, take 1 cup full fat whole milk, 2 cups water and 1 or 1.25 cups sugar. Keep this pan on the stove top and stir so that the sugar dissolves. Heat this milk-water-sugar mixture till it comes to a boil.
9. Meanwhile the moong dal has got separated. They have a granular consistency now. The aroma & color has also changed and the fat has separated.
10. The milk mixture has come to a boil and now needs to be added to the fried moong dal.
11. Pour the boiling hot milk mixture to the fried mung lentils. The mixture sizzles, so be careful while adding the hot milk and water mixture.
12. Simmer and cook stirring often.
13. The liquid should get absorbed and once again you will see the ghee getting separated. Done finally. It took me a total of about 1 hour to make the moong dal ka halwa on the stove top. Add ¼ to ⅓ tsp cardamom powder, 10-12 chopped unsalted pistachios and 1 tbsp golden raisins
14. Take a breath of relief, thank your hands. Serve moong dal ka halwa hot.

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Also don’t forget to like,share and subscribe to our channel for some amazingly delicious content.


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