Healthy & Tasty Chaat Recipe - Made with Nourish Desi Chana

Try this very yummy and easy to make #PastaChanaChaat​.

You’ll need:

For chana chaat:
1. A bowl of desi chana boiled
2. 1 bowl murmur
3. 1 cup macaroni
4. 2 spoons maida
5. 1 tomato chopped
6. 1 cucumber chopped
7. 1 onion chopped
8. 1 carrot chopped
9. Dhaniya patta
10. 1 spoon chaat masala


1. Boil chana and keep aside. Boil the macaroni as well.
2. Take the two out in a bowl and mix.
3. In a pan, add some oil and then shallow fry the macaroni and chana
4. Take out in a bowl, and then add the murmur and mix.
5. Next add the masala and then serve.