Glass of Meal Recipe - Made with Nourish Lobia

we bring you a medley of food with the #TricolorMealGlass​. It’s made using healthy ingredients and taste nothing less than divine. We’d like to thank Bhukkad Chef Ashwinder Kaur for this amazing and innovative recipe
You’ll need:
• 1 cup nourish lobia
• 1 cup nourish roasted dalia
• Salt to taste
• 2 tbsp nourish sunflower oil
• 1 cup nourish rice
• 1 cup nourish masoor sabut
• 2 tomatoes chopped
• 1 onion chopped
• 1 tap ginger garlic paste
• 1/2 tsp red chilli powder
• 1/4 th tsp garam masala
• 1/4 th tsp amchoor
• 1/4 th cup parmesan cheese
For dalia tacos/roti you’ll need:
• 1 cup dalia powder
• 1/4 th tsp salt
• 1/4 th cup warm water
1. Take 1 cup dalia blend it and add salt and water to make a dough for the kesari dough and for the spinach dough add half a spinach puree in dough and in half of the dough add kesar strings
2. Roll it and make chapattis out of it. Cook.
3. For lobia base, takea pan and add oil. Next, add nourish oil and heat it. Next add cumin seeds, onion and cook it. Now add tomatoes and cook it well.
4. Add all the dry spices and mix well.
5. Then add boiled lobia and mix well.
6. Finally add parmesan cheese
7. For the rice base, take a pan. Wash the rice and then add into the boiling water with some salt. Cook
8. For masoor moti, take 1 cup masoor dal soaked it for 1 hour. Make a paste and add 1/2 inch ginger into the paste ,salt and 2 green chillies mix well and fry the glitters in medium to high flame.Now take a glass place all ingredients one by one, place it in layers.

Your tricolor healthy meal glass is ready. Enjoy


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