Delicious Pumpkin Moti Korma Recipe - Made with Nourish Sunflower Oil

What do you do when you have some pumpkin, oats and paneer? You make #PumpkinMotiKorma​! A delicious and healthy recipe, its one dish you definitely need to try.

You’ll need:

• Pumpkin
• Oats powder
• Paneer
• Salt
• Hari mirch
• Hara dhania
• Tomato puree
• Kaju paste
• Haldi
• Coriander powder
• Garam masala
• Jeera powder
• Kashmiri Lal mirch
• Malai/cream
• Adrak paste
• Crushed(pumpkiseeds, sauf, elaichi)
• Silver verk
• Oil


1. Firstly grate the pumpkin and paneer. Add some oats powder to this mix.
2. Next add some garam masala and jeera powder. Mix well. Add some hari mirch and hara dhaniya as well.
3. Mix all the ingredients well and then take small sections and roll into a ball.
4. Dust this in some cornflour and then fry in some hot oil
5. Now in a pan add some oil and then add some ginger paste, next add the dry masala and then add some water. Once the gravy cooks add some cashew paste to make it thick.
6. Add some malai/cream as well. Add some crushed masala on top and salt as per taste. Top it off with some silver verk.