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Let’s just agree that there is nothing quite like the Indian food. The flavours and aromas are like magic. But the question is what makes Indian food so good? It is the ingredients like spices, cooking oil, pulses, herbs etc. A perfect balance of best cooking products can make you a seasoned cook.

We have the perfect list of all the essential cooking products you’ll need in your kitchen to make the ideal meals:

Spices and Seasonings

Indian meals are unique because of the authentic spices and seasonings we put in them. These seasonings are not just add-on flavours; they also have health benefits. Here are some essential spices and herbs you must buy:

  • Turmeric: The golden yellow powder, also known as Haldi, is often used in Indian cooking for a number of purposes. It adds a beautiful golden hue to the dish and adds its anti-inflammatory properties, too.
  • Cumin or Jeera: Jeera is a staple Indian spice that gives the dishes a woody, warm flavour. It has a strong and earthy aroma. You can add it to your dishes to provide them with Indian flavours.
  • Coriander or Dhaniya: Sbut Dhaniya is another flavourful spice you can add to bring some freshness in your meals. It is often added in the meals in combination with other spices.
  • Mustard Seeds or Rai: If you want to give your dishes an authentic Indian flavour then Rai is a must-have spice. It can bring some pungency in your dishes.

Essential Kitchen Ingredients

If you want to be a pro-Indian cook, then there are some ingredients you must have stocked up in your pantry. Read on:

  • Basmati Rice: Rice is one of the main ingredients in Indian meals. It is the best choice to get some healthy carbs in your system. Basmati Rice is a special long grain rice that gives perfect taste and visual appeal.
  • Unpolished Dals: Indian meals are incomplete without the must loved dals. There is a wide variety of dal available, like moong dal, arhar, masoor dal, etc. You must have all these unpolished dals in your kitchen.
  • Chickpeas: Some ingredients like chhole are superfoods because they are rich in nutrients. Chickpeas are rich in protein, hence they are a must-have in your kitchen. You can use them to make authentic Indian-style Chhole or add them to salads.
  • Mustard Oil: Cooking is incomplete without a good cooking oil. Mustard oil is the best cooking products for Indian dishes simply because it compliments the flavour best. Moreover, it is the healthiest cooking oil.

Fresh Ingredients for Your Indian Meals

You must keep refilling the fresh veggies and fruits in your kitchen to keep your meals wholesome and fresh. They are the ingredients that actually complete your meals. Here are some fresh ingredients you must always have:

  • Onions: Onions are the common ingredient in almost every Indian dish. It contributes well in making delicious gravies.
  • Tomatoes: Just like onions, tomatoes are also an essential ingredient. Both are inseparable.
  • Coriander leaves: Indian meals are all about aromas and one of the dominating aroma is that of coriander. So, always keep some fresh coriander leaves handy to garnish your meals.
  • Green chillies: Indian meals are all about spices. But instead of depending a lot of powders you must use fresh spices like green chillies.

If you have all these ingredients in your kitchen, you’ll be unstoppable as an Indian cook. Now, it’s up to you to experiment with these ingredients and come up with some interesting recipes. But remember that Indian meals are all about their strong flavours and aroma. Blend nicely and serve fresh. Happy cooking!

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