About Us

A nation should grow in health, and while most consumers today are much aware about good eating habits, and choosing products wisely, it does more often than not become a struggle to find the right ones.
At Nourish, we’re putting an end to this search.

We are trying to bring all essential groceries at one place, but are these just groceries?
No. They are healthy, nourishing and enriching groceries.

They are products procured from the choicest of locations and sources, they are products run through world’s best machinery and, processed with optimum control against any infestation to help retain maximum levels of potency. All this while also taking care of the environment.

At Nourish, we are particular about what reaches you and how. With time tested technology and best in class packaging we ensure that from farm to plate you receive and consume what’s best.

A range that began with The Chakki Fresh Atta, today Nourish stands with a holistic range of healthy and nourishing food products that reflect our quest to provide good food to the masses.

From Atta, Pulses, Rice, Oils, Ghee, Ready To Cook, Dry Fruits, Spices to much more, we’re on a mission to deliver high quality, tasty and nourishing food products that deliver the best of taste and health.

Our Vision & Purpose

Our vision is simple: to help people live a healthy and wholesome life by providing them food rich in nutrition and taste.

But, our purpose to do this?

At Nourish, want to create a movement, a movement so big that people don’t just switch to a healthier lifestyle but also consume food that provides the right nourishment, essential to their well-being.
In a day and age, where goodness of nature is getting depleted, we are constantly striving to preserve it.
Having said that, we are taking an effort towards a sustainable agro-ecosystem – that implements traditional ways in modern technology, to deliver nutrition to every Indian household.

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